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We can be your first stepping stone into learning, higher education or work. Our online academy offers accredited courses 24/7 with access to our coaches 6 hours per day.

You can choose BRITEthink Free or opt for more credits via our affordable BRITEthink+. Pay £20 per month until learning is complete; the quicker you learn, the less you pay.

How it works - Free and BRITEthink+

Our free courses include our Digital Skills Bootcamps and Ofqual regulated Level 2 Work Skills & Level 3 Diploma in Principles of Management. BRITEthink+ is a £20 per month subscription until learning is completed. The quicker you learn, the less you pay. Our additional course options include Digital Marketing, ICT Diploma and Social Care.

Support available

Learners will have access to multiple support options to progress them through their BRITEthink Academy learning journey. Styles include live-chat with a tutor, callbacks and text-based support via WhatsApp or SMS.

Feedback on all assessments will be given within 48 hours. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding feedback and support to develop and challenge each individual.

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