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We are a digital learning centre delivering study opportunities from entry to level 4, designed to help you gain access to university or further study opportunities.

A personal approach
to online learning

And people said online learning couldn’t be personal!

Our BRITEthink Academy team work different, our coaches and assessors are only a click away each day via the chat feature, and we will give you a call back.

The platform has been designed by our experienced developer and assessment team. We break each section of the course down bit by bit and set your personal learning journey plan - something which shows the hours you need to spend around work, family or other commitments.

Our approach to using technology and our own digital content is built with you in mind.

Who are we

BRITEthink Academy was initially set up as a blended learning centre in 2018; since 2019 we focused on delivering good quality, accredited online learning.

Our core team are made up of Edtech developers, vocational assessors and trainers and learning psychologists. Each of us brings sets of skills which has allowed the academy to grow.

We partner with educational institutions, from vocational training centres to higher education. Our core operation is based in the UK; however, we have worked with students and institutions internationally, including UAE, India, Bangladesh, Russia and USA.

Our prime goal is to offer you a learning journey which is flexible and a stepping stone to your next chapter.

Support available

As a learner you'll have access to multiple support systems to help you as you progress through your course, these include live-chat with a tutor, as well as callbacks and text-based support via WhatsApp or SMS.

In addition to these options, we will be running offline sessions which are designed to help you with your academic writing and any support you may need to help you complete this course.

Face to face

Online chat



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