BRIDGES – Developing TVET professionals

The development of vocational education and training (VET) professionals is an essential part of work-based learning growth. The world of employment is constantly changing, and because of that the skills that those need to gain to work in the sector is priority.

Many professions have seen increased digitalisation in recent years, including those who are traditionally more hands on; customer service, retail and social care. Alongside this, the way trainers deliver the education to a blended or remote focus on skills progression leads to the use of transformational leadership skills with a global audience.

While working with Evolve Global Solutions as part of a trans-partnership programme (funded through EU Erasmus+), BRITEthink has been able to co-develop and pilot BRIDGES for the upskilling and holistic assessment to VET professionals. Since the beginning of the project, the core focus of Bridges has been to develop those working in the sector with four core areas. Those areas include:

Developing Career Pathways
Co-Designing Curricula
Leading and Networking
International Development

Find out more about our development and why Bridges can be incorporated into training centres via the project website and also our community conversations which take place on LinkedIn.