BRITEthink Supporting Social Mobility

BRITEthink supports people with free and affordable skills, this is an essential step towards increased opportunities. Most adult education can be high due to operational costs from the training provider. One way we are looking to resolve this problem is through our current NFT collections as a pay-it-forward scheme. However, BRITEthink as an academy, can’t solve global education problems on its own and therefore, becoming an awarding body is a part of our growth and supporting social mobility.

Going back to the core principle of social mobility, development refers to the movement of individuals between different positions in the social structure over time. Closed societies are characterised by ascription, whereby social position is assigned early in life and is difficult to change. Therefore, the theory of education and skills as a lifelong process and not just the concept of completing a course and ending is important. Access to frequent and updating education to help with skills, especially for IR4.0 is an important concept for all educators to think about. 

The digital skills gap is growing (not in a good way), and the lack of digital skills will cost the G20 countries alone 11.5T in poor growth. Even here in the UK, Ofqual vocational certificates for digital and IT subjects only make up 3.5% of the total offering. A problem which BRITEthink and its partners are looking to solve.