Digital Skills – Blockchain, Crypto and NFTs for Beginners

Do you find yourself lost in a digital world which is slowly becoming more and more real? BRITEthink Academy has always aimed to support people in digital skills, from emails and messaging to cybersecurity. 

In our next group of special digital skills sessions, we will be showing you the basics of crypto and blockchain from a non-technical perspective. The aim is to allow you to think about how blockchains are used beyond the financial terms and when it does come to money, how this is no longer a technical person’s role and you can use and manage your own crypto wallets. 

Each week, we will drop a live session on a Tuesday for three weeks in October to help you build and develop your skills. Following this, you will be able to book some one-to-one time with our coach throughout the month to help you develop and embed your skills.

Week 1 – Tuesday 4th October

What is blockchain and crypto – A no-fuss guide 

Week 2 – Tuesday 11th October

Understanding cryptocurrency and setting up a wallet on your phone

Week 3 – Tuesday 18th October 

The larger use of blockchain and what are NFTs? 

You can be a complete beginner. If this is something you are interested in, register your details below.