Digital Skills Bootcamps on BRITEthink

Digital skills are life skills and a step towards career development, personal goals and other courses. They can improve confidence to use technology for work, learning and daily life.

Many jobs today need digital skills. You need them even for jobs that do not ask for high levels of qualifications or experience. For example, if you work in a warehouse or a shop you may keep digital records of stock, health care is also moving towards digital personal care plans. In addition, you need digital skills for daily shopping, banking, and keeping in touch with family and friends. Tasks such as finding a job, claiming any state benefits and customer service are all in digital formats.

The UK Department for Education has outlined six basic digital learning outcomes which provide citizens with the skills to develop in their personal and career life. 

Six learning outcomes – 

  • Digital foundation skills – the first steps, such as how to use digital technologies like browsers, connecting to the internet, and keeping passwords secure.
  • Communicating – sending emails securely, using attachments, and participating on social media.
  • Handling information and content – the use of search engines, being aware that not all online content is reliable, accessing content across devices.
  • Transacting – setting up accounts to use or purchase goods/services online, using different secure payment methods, filling in online forms.
  • Problem-solving – finding solutions to problems using FAQs/tutorials/chat, presenting solutions through software, and improving productivity.
  • Being safe and legal online – understanding best practice in data storage/sharing, updating and keeping passwords secure, and taking precautions against viruses.

BRITEthink has developed two online Digital Skills Bootcamps which focus on the six learning outcomes. Following an initial application, learners will complete a diagnostic assessment to see where their levels of competency are at. After completion, the commencement of the foundation level Bootcamp or our Step One Bootcamp is decided.

The foundation-level Bootcamp is free, accessible 24/7 with simple assessments and access to a tutor six hours per day via web chat or WhatsApp. There are six learning outcomes which match the UK’s six-part digital skills learning outcomes (listed above). 

Next Level 

Digital Skills Step One Bootcamp provides more depth, yet still at a level where the learner is a beginner and building confidence. This Bootcamp embeds two accredited qualifications (Ofqual), a Google Skillshop course and more. Each week has a live Friday class and weekly one-to-one time with a tutor.

Step One Digital Skills Bootcamp is £20 per month over four months with the option to cancel at any point. Learners who want to pay upfront will have a reduced £60 price. 

To book a session and a diagnostic to understand which Bootcamp suits you, read our detailed page on the Bootcamps. New to BRITEthink learners can complete a link to the application form and existing learners can message on the website or send a WhatsApp to either Robert or Yesim on the usual number.