Digital Skills for Employment

There is a growing need for gig workers to have new, and continuously updated digital skills to support them in an ever-changing, freelance world of work. Such digital skills can equip them with a range of work opportunities in a diverse world of remote working; taking roles such as virtual assistants, digital marketing, analytical project work and customer service. Countries such as Thailand understand the importance of such skills, lifelong learning and soft skills. BRITEthink Academy is already implementing this within its platform for the UK and international students. Recently, this has included the development of digital marketing and analytics for a range of learners in Nigeria and Dominica.

We have always been proud of supporting what the world of work needs, in a global and remote world, the future of work skills can change people‚Äôs access to better work and family life. Core elements form part of the UN Sustainable development goals and something which BRITEthink aims to always embed into the values and aims of our social organisation. 

Current online courses which we offer, and have access to 1-1 tutor support within our global community (and at entry level +) include digital skills boot camp, analytics, cybersecurity risk management and remote work.