Gamification in Online Learning

Gamification goes beyond scores, badges and leaderboards – The purpose is to place all the mechanisms and strategies that make gaming exciting and addictive to sustainably drive employee engagement, learning and performance.

We have to remember that learners aren’t automatons. To stay driven, they need a sense of value and purpose. With gamification in online learning, you can make everyone (not just top performers), a hero with personalised challenges, wins and progressing game narratives that chart a way to success and completion.

One of the important factors in developing strong gamification is to associate behaviours with recognition. A good use of gamification is the use of data from an online learning platform such as BRITEthink to help understand the learner and make personalised experiences and badges for development. This can be achieved with push notifications through to pop-ups rewards and certificates which can be developed on screen.

Win-win-win isn’t everything. Collecting points can get boring fast. Outcourse (by BRITEthink) develops custom-built products which are designed to be part of learners’ or employees’ daily routine and sustain excitement over time with alternating challenges, social feeds, TV bulletins, raffles and mini-games.