Increasing Social Mobility with Chameleon

Increasing social mobility not only supports people in their areas of work, development and personal growth; it also increases economies to the point that a significant decrease in mobility alone could cost the G20 countries 11.5T to their economies.

BRITEthink works with the UN Sustainable development goals that cover a range of topics from environmental to education and work opportunities. The opportunity we give has remained at the heart of what we do and is one core reason we are supporting pay-it-forward schemes using our Non-fungible token (NFT)… otherwise known as a digital asset collection.

More recently, we joined forces to support the content development and piloting of Chameleon, an EU Erasmus+ project which aims to develop female migrants into entrepreneurs for the digital age. One focus was on how migrants can support global economies and seek those opportunities. Female migrants come with a range of skills and need to understand how their new local economies work in their new homes for them to grow personally, for business and to support the wider community.

We recently piloted and held a final conference for Chameleon in Newham College, East London where over 150 migrants gained access to the training and developed their skills further using the Chameleon website; something which we are now working to build within the BRITEthink platform.

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