Our story and why NFTs support our mission.

BRITEthink is an online, educational, adult learning platform. The online version of our project started life in early 2020 and was used to help adults in England learn and develop the credits they needed to access higher education. Since then, 1000+ learners have joined our site. We offer accredited learning (UK Ofqual); the certification is internationally recognised in the world of work and to access further and higher education.

Who are our learners?  All of our learners are adults, often 25+ who are looking for a new start in life, to gain confidence and develop new skills which can take them into university or the workplace. Since launching, we have taken on more learners outside of the UK. We have worked on adult development programmes in Bangladesh, India and UAE. We are currently working on two projects which support digital skills development in Nigeria and Ghana. A lot of our UK learners are those that do have access to public funds due to visa status and are currently on limited leave to remain. There are vast amounts of funded courses, but not for these learners who have to self-pay.

What are the plans and how will it help adult learner development  There are two parts to this. Firstly, we want to grow our learners and offer free and affordable learning. We understand this is not profitable to the business; however, the support given towards our collection will help this. The second goal we want to achieve in three years is to support training centres that are delivering education globally. BRITEthink on its own can’t just be one large provider; we want to encourage and support competition. For this, we aim to be an awarding power which is accredited and offers technology and quality solutions to increase standards and reduce each training centre’s operational costs.

Ok, how will you do this? Machine learning/ NLP to support automated assessment marking. We are already training a model through BRITEthink learner assignments, the support of our NFT collection will bring more learners into the platform which leads to increased assignments and data Certificates delivered in an affordable and fair process via blockchain We will put all of this into one assessment platform with an awarding power status. We aim to break the rule books of how these training centres have to pay for such costs – which typically make the cost expensive to the end user.   Examples We are currently working with a former BRITRTHINK learner who was in the UK; having now returned to Ghana, we are supporting his training centre. While we currently don’t have awarding powers, he is running courses on our behalf of BRITEthink.

The NFTs

More information will come in the current months. However, we aim to make them affordable and fair to be accessed. There will be no price tiers and one price for all.

What will the design be? We aim to use data and turn this into art through. Data will come from our current learners, and you… our community!

What would be the rewards as an NFT owner? We aim to offer all our collectors access to be part of our BRITEthink citizens of the world academy board. Owning an NFT will allow you to join a virtual area where you will be able to suggest and impact on the education we deliver. The area is still in development; however, we aim for this to be a suggestions-based scheme which will be taken seriously by our educator team and credits for those suggestions will be displayed somewhere on the course.