Tell us your lines… and win!

What does funded education look like? Not everyone in the UK has access to public funded courses; the problem is much larger internationally. BRITEthink has always stepped in to solve this problem by offering affordable Ofqual courses; however, this is too much for some people, which is why we offer free courses.

This year, BRITEthink is creating an NFT art collection as a pay-it-forward scheme to pay for adult learners education, globally!!

We want you to tell us what your lines would be if you were in school now… think funny!

 Examples from our team: 

“I will not watch Netflix while on a Teams call”

“I will not use sangria as part of my five a day”

“I will not copy and paste from Wikipedia”

Write your best lines here and submit your name and email. We will be picking our best ones by Mid-October. 

Your contributions will go towards digital art, which will help to pay for free education for some of our learners who can’t afford to study. 

The best “lines” will be given free NFT art collection token which we will usually be sell. For those that do not know how to use NFTs, we will provide demos for the winners.