Why audio learning is needed

Audio is an important tool for news and information sharing, just like it is in education. People already learn informally with the likes of podcasts to social channels such as ClubHouse and Twitter Spaces.

The rise of giving people access to affordable online learning solutions that don’t allow people to be challenged with having access to strong internet access is key. There are vast amounts of people coming from single-device homes to those with low internet streaming capabilities, thus making it hard to always stream video content. Audio helps to make Education more accessible and easier to listen to when on the go.

In 2022 the use of radio is just as powerful as it was 30 years ago for the likes of BBC world service to deliver news and content in parts of the world where TV and the internet are hard to access for geographical and political reasons. Radio is a format which is growing to deliver education in African countries such as Kenya. It’s affordable, it’s accessible and audio learning can come in many forms, from radio, the social channels chats to podcasts. For citizens in some countries, it is essential because they don’t have access to good internet, in other countries it is used as a go-to option for people who are busy and on the go.

BRITEthink and our sister learning site, Learning Care Hub recently developed a level 2 adult social care course which is made up of audio-only learning content and workbooks. Learners send over images of their completed workbooks which are then assessed with feedback sent over via message; a process which has eliminated the use of having to log onto a formal learning platform on a desktop or laptop.