Cybersecurity: Threat Assessment & Risk Management

Risk and threat assessment are the foundation of outstanding cybersecurity best practice. Methods of implementation are vital towards cyber-protection and cyber-risk mitigation. 

Both activities are important components in IT-Security Management and are subject to dynamic changes, following the pace of developments in cyber-space. Their role within any sized organisation is vital to ensure reputation and image remains high.

Course Information

BRITEthink Digital Academy’s course explores seven modules which include:

Threat vulnerability and risk concepts
Threat landscape & adversarial thinking
Risk management 
Asset valuation and management 
Risk analysis 
Handling risk and selecting countermeasures 
Understanding the impacts and consequences 

The course can be taken as the first step into cybersecurity, an understanding of IT structures and systems is needed prior to starting; however, those taking this course do not have to be IT professionals.

Management and leadership roles can choose to take this course to help understand the core principles of risk and threat assessment. Upon completing the course, professionals may which to take on entry-level work in threat and vulnerability analysts or move into further education, using this course as a stepping stone into the sector.


Section 1 – Threat Vulnerability & Risk Concepts 

Section 2 – Threat Landscape 

Section 3 – Risk Management 

Section 4 – Asset Management  

Section 5 – Risk and Probability  

Section 6 – Standards  

Section 7 – Impacts and Consequences