ICQ, Level 3 Diploma in Management Principles

This qualification is ideal in developing your leadership and management qualities. It’s particularly suited to those who seek to move up to the next level of management and gain access to higher education.

The ICQ Level 3 Diploma in Management Principles will assess knowledge while building and developing new skills. Our assessments on the course will start with a question and answer submissions before moving into mini-essays and full assignments. We have chosen this approach to gradually develop while stretching and challenging you. Your work will also need to combine critical thinking and elements of academic research; you will be developed these skills while on the course.

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What units will I study?

Principles of Business 
Principles of Leadership and Management 
Objective Setting and Communicating with Support Teams
Principles of People Management 
Principles of Self-Development 
Principles of Management Decision Making

How will I learn?

Learning takes place on the BRITEthink website with interactive research and video lessons. You will assigned a skills coach who will have regular contact with you to support you in learning and development 

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed online via the BRITEthink Academy website, there is a range of assessments including written work and quiz.

What support will I get?

Support will be given online, our team are available for one-to-one support between 10am-6pm UK time daily. Feedback on assessments will be given within 48 hours of work submitted.

What qualification will I gain?

ICQ Level 3 Diploma in Principles of Management

Style of Learning – Online

Forms of Assessment – Portfolio, assignments and final interview