Why Invest?

BRITEthink as an academy has been growing and supporting adult skills education; however, we can’t solve this problem on our own. Therefore, we need to become the supply-chain and awarding body to scale and create a bigger impact.

What is accredited learning and the regulators?

To understand the meaning of “accredited” education and training in the UK, we first need to take a step back and see the wider picture of awarding processes across the four nations and when UK qualifications are exported:

Ofqual regulates exams, qualifications and tests in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland (the Scottish Qualifications Authority is also accredited by Ofqual.)

The qualifications which sit under the Ofqual scope are wide, from GCSE and A-Levels through to entry-level English and level 6 vocational technical qualifications (VTQs).

All UK qualifications from Ofqual start with entry-level to level one and work their way up to level 6+.

The current market

There are 178 Ofqual recognised awarding bodies in the UK, each organisation can award the certificates which Ofqual regulates.

While this seems like a crowded marketplace, less than 5% are big players in the market (Pearson, City and Guilds and Edexcel.)

Mostly due to large numbers of awarding bodies offering small and niche qualifications to fit a certain gap in the market.

As long as the awarding bodies follow the guidelines set out by the regulator (Ofqual), how they approach their relationship and what services they offer the institutions and training centres is down to them.

The problem

Some awarding bodies offer assessment platforms with the service or as an additional feature, others recommend some of the current market leaders; such as OneFile.

Larger bodies offer resources and tracking tools; while this is good, this is often costly to the training centre and the end user (student).

While most UK Qualifications in adult learning (our demographic) are funded, there are still learners who do not have access to funded courses.  In addition, UK Ofqual qualifications are highly regarded internationally.

In the latest Ofqual report (period 2019-2020), 4.89m certificates were issued to those studying at international training institutions; there are some publicly funded missions which help contribute to this, including British Aid; however, public funding cuts are in large growth internationally.

The costs from awarding bodies, Edtech software providers and operational cost impact SME institutions with many using low-cost forms of working (paper-based/Google Docs).

Smaller colleges and training centres globally do not get the same funding as larger colleges and universities; which halts technology from being implemented in the place of education to improve the service in the forms of quality and speed.


BRITEthink Award aims to be an Ofqual regulated awarding body for subject areas in business, IT and cybersecurity; we aim to be one of the first and continued pioneers in Ofqual certificates for growth areas such as blockchain.

We will be both tech and quality driven and build on our current and growing community of training institutions through BRITEthink Academy’s network.

Alongside our core function as an awarding organisation, we will provide additional assessment services via our assessment platform designed to make both teacher and learners’ life easier, this comes with automated assessment marking from our NLP model which is in development and certification in the form of art, which sits on blockchain.

Where we currently are

Since launching the BRITEthink Academy in 2020, we have built on our users, created our NLP assessment model and use the assignments from our students as the training and testing data.

We have grown an international presence and started to develop our eco-system of training providers internationally.

We have the design of our final certificates and are working on the code to launch our second, full version of the BRITEthink Academy which will lead to the development of the awarding bodies’ interface.

It is important to understand that to get to the business goal of BRITEthink Assessment (the purpose of investment), BRITEthink Academy plays a vital role and is part of the full package.

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