Increasing Social Mobility with Chameleon

Increasing social mobility not only supports people in their areas of work, development and personal growth; it also increases economies to the point that a

BRIDGES – Developing TVET professionals

The development of vocational education and training (VET) professionals is an essential part of work-based learning growth. The world of employment is constantly changing, and

Tell us your lines… and win!

What does funded education look like? Not everyone in the UK has access to public funded courses; the problem is much larger internationally. BRITEthink has

Dresden, Germany

Dresden was our third meeting for the EU Erasmus+ project “Bridges” – The aim of this funded programme is to develop an online self-learning course

Why audio learning is needed

Audio is an important tool for news and information sharing, just like it is in education. People already learn informally with the likes of podcasts

Digital Skills Bootcamps on BRITEthink

Digital skills are life skills and a step towards career development, personal goals and other courses. They can improve confidence to use technology for work,

When in Rome…

BRITEthink are helping Evolve Global Solutions in their EU Erasmus+ funded project “Chameleon.” Alongside other European Partners, the project aims to develop female migrants into

All Aboard… Lisbon Calling

As part of our work with Evolve Global Solutions, Team BRITEthink and Outcourse have been supporting the running and piloting of the Erasmus+ programme “Action”